Midland Distributors have been operating in Marlborough since 1995. Originally supplying soil testing services and customised fertiliser products to pastoral and dairy farmers, Midland also developed the Pasturefine Suspension Fertiliser System, a revolutionary method of efficiently supplying nutrition to plant growth organisms using finely ground product in a slurry.
We now produce and distribute suspension lime and fertiliser, trace element mixes, garden fertilisers, biological stimulants, and salt products throughout the South Island.


We are great believers in common sense. We think the fertiliser industry can be quite slow to adapt to new research and new technologies, or to anecdotal evidence. Because we are small we have been able to move quickly when it is clear both the environment and growers will benefit from our knowledge and experience. We are very excited by the impact suspension fertiliser is having on the viticulture industry.

Our people

Managing Director - Phill Taylor

Phill oversees all operations, is the engineering brains behind the plant and the negotiator behind the supply lines. His knowledge of fertiliser products and their properties is extensive so you can fire any question at him and expect an informed answer.

Office Manager - Kayetrina Taylor

Your first point of contact when you get in touch with Midland Distributors or for any account or delivery enquiries.

Store staff

Bede, Kumiko and Andrew make up our production staff maintaining and operating the plant. They work hard to get your orders out on time.


Midland Distributors Ltd was founded by Geoff Taylor.  After 50 years farming Geoff's passion for soil, plant and stock health brought him together with like minded experts to develop the original Pasturefine Suspension Fertiliser System. Geoff now consults on a part time basis to Midland.