Custom blended fertilisers

At Midland we strongly believe you should feed your soil just what it needs and no more, depending on the site and its proposed use. After assessment Midland will mix your recommended site specific blend either as super fineground fertiliser for suspension application or as a granular mix for traditional spreading.
We establish what your soil's nutrient status is through a comprehensive soil test. An average soil test only takes into account Ca, Na, K, Mg, Ph, S, and N. We assess these plus up to 16 trace elements and minerals. From this we provide a recommendation of all the things you need and nothing you don't. If required, fine lime, biological stimulants or clover seed can be added.

Supply lines

We have built up quality relationships with our suppliers over the years and are constantly monitoring supply and demand. Our negotiating skills mean we offer consistently good rates and are highly regarded for maintaining reliable supply lines.

Cost efficiency

Customised means less waste or unnecessary product applications, and healthier plants/stock are more disease resistant requiring less overall inputs. Therefore, measuring cost per hectare against improved yield, Midland impresses every time. In fact, the increase in yield could pay for your fertiliser!

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