Pasturefine Suspension Fertiliser System

Midland developed the Pasturefine Suspension Fertiliser System ten years ago. It's a revolutionary method of efficiently supplying nutrition to plant growth organisms using finely ground product in a slurry. Pasturefine is custom blended, more readily available for quicker plant uptake, and precisely applied, with far superior coverage (when compared to conventional fertiliser) so there is very little waste and no runoff and no cross boundry drift. That's better value for you, and better for the environment.

How is suspension fertiliser applied?

Application is achieved by mixing the powder with water on site to form a very dense liquid which can then be sprayed through specially built spray equipment. Applications can be made by groundspread units, helicopter, or fixed wing aircraft (GPS where required). Application rates vary according to individual requirements.

What goes into Pasturefine?

May include: lime, dolomite, gypsum, reactive phosphate rock, magnesium, sulphur, potash, borax, manganese, zinc, iron, cobalt, copper, iodine, selenium, sodium to name a few.

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