Ground spreading

Our fineground fertiliser can be easily applied to most areas using groundspread fine particle suspension system equipment. Several applicator contractors are available in most areas and they may use a truck unit or trailer unit (using the client's tractor) depending on the area to be covered. Specialist applicators are set up to fit between narrow rows of grapevines.  Expect exceptionally good coverage at a reasonable rate.

Aerial spreading

For areas difficult to reach using ground spread equipment or for very large areas we recommend using fixed wing or helicopter services with suspension fertiliser system equipment. These applicators use GPS where required and you can be assured of very good coverage (a big advantage of fine particle suspension application), no dust and no drift.

Choose an applicator - New Zealand


Midland Distributors: Phill Taylor PH: 03 5702103  021726673

Suspension fertiliser applicator, groundspread) Ph: 03 5792983  021228451

Marlborough Helicopters Ltd
Suspension fertiliser applicator, aerial

Southern Helicopters Ltd

KGB Groundspread - Duncan Gardiner  0274 466 951
Suspension fertiliser applicator , groundspread, (cropping, pasture, dairy)

Amuri Helicopters
Suspension fertiliser applicator, aerial



Choose an applicator - Australia

New South Wales

Mudgee Aviation (Mudgee)
John Knox  +61 23732281
Suspension fertiliser applicator, aerial helicopters and groundspread

James Aviation (Trangie)
Suspension fertiliser applicator, aerial fixed wing